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Tell me what vaping is

Vaping is the act of converting liquid into a vapour you can inhale. It’s that simple. An e-cigarette or vape is a battery-powered device that heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapour without any combustion or smoke like a regular cigarette.

What is eliquid and how does it work?


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How do electronic cigarettes work?


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What is vaping and how does a vape pen work?


What types of devices are out there and what are the differences?

If you pop into your local Vape store, you’ll notice that the sheer volume of devices and accessories quickly becomes overwhelming. To help you navigate the world of vaping, we’ve put the devices into four categories.

What is a cig-a-like? What is a cig-a-like? What is a cig-a-like?


Cig-a-likes look like cigarettes. They have small batteries and can be disposed of or recharged. They are usually cheaper and easier to use than other types of e-cigarettes, and they prove popular with beginners.

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What is a Vape Pen? What is a Vape Pen? What is a cig-a-like?

Capsule Vape Pens

These pen-shaped devices use pre-filled e-liquid capsules that make it easy for you to swap between flavours and nicotine strengths. Their batteries last longer than cig-a-like batteries. Pens are popular with vapers who want to experiment with flavours.

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Pod Vapes Pod Vapes

Pod Vapes

These small, lightweight devices use magnetic pre-filled pods that click into place without pressing any button. Their compact design allows you to quickly switch between flavour pods and carry it anywhere with ease.

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What is a Vape Open Tank? What is a Vape Open Tank? What is a cig-a-like?

Open tanks

Open tanks allow you to fill the tank with your favourite e-liquid. They require regular replacement of the coil and frequent cleaning and allow more of a customised experience. For example, you can increase the airflow, which can produce more vapour and you can choose from lots of different e-liquid flavours.

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What is a Vape Mod? What is a cig-a-like?


Bigger and more complicated devices that allow you to continually adjust the performance by swapping batteries, tanks and coils. These sophisticated devices are popular with experienced vapers who want to continually refine their vaping experience.

What's in an e-liquid?

E-liquid is the liquid used inside an e-cigarette. Once heated to the right temperature, it turns into a vapour that you can inhale. It’s important that vapers learn all about e-liquids to have an enjoyable experience.

E-liquids are used in all vape devices. However, they are packaged in a variety of different forms including tips, capsules, pods, and bottles. Choosing the right refill depends on the device you vape with.

What’s in eliquids? FlavouringNicotinePG and VG
What’s Propylene Glycol?


Propylene Glycol or PG is a clear, colourless liquid and is often used as a flavouring carrier in food and drink products.

What’s Vegetable Glycerin?


Vegetable Glycerin, Glycerol or VG is a colourless and odourless liquid often used in food and drinks. It tastes sweeter and creates thicker clouds than PG. The higher the VG level, the more vapour you get. The majority of e-liquids combine both PG and VG.


Most e-liquids are available in different nicotine strengths. You can also find some nicotine-free versions. It’s important to check that the nicotine-containing e-liquids you buy are from a trusted provider.


Zero strength



Low strength

nicotine level


Medium strength

nicotine level


High strength

nicotine level


There is a large number of flavours available, to suit peoples tastes and the different devices. Flavourings should be food-grade. E-liquids can contain other additives, so make sure to check the ingredients.

Most popular e-liquid flavours in the UK:













Data taken from “Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS): an update on a rapidly evolving vapour market” by Ernst & Young, 2017

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Our team of researchers have tried and tested lots of flavours, and have hand-picked eleven of the very best. Our e-liquids taste great and come in a variety of nicotine strengths.

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European Conformity

All nicotine-containing e-liquids sold in the UK must meet strict quality standards. Some e-liquids may not have met these standards, so it’s important to check your e-liquids come from a trusted supplier.

European Union

Our products meet all quality and safety standards required by law. Logic e-liquids are made in Europe using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, European sourced ingredients, and food-grade flavourings.

Vaping in numbers

E-LIQUID By Logic Vape

The number of UK vapers has quadrupled in the last four years

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Vapers in the UK
(Source: KTNS Omnibus Mat Q4 2017)

E-liquid flavours Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Berry Mint, Strawberry, Cherry

Approximate number of
known e-liquid flavours

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