About Logic

The Logic range contains a variety of devices, whatever your vaping needs. Disposables, tanks, e-cigarettes - we've got you covered. We also use pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our European made e-liquids for quality you can trust.

Logic PRO is our vapouriser with exclusive integrated capsules. There's no need to empty your e-liquid capsule - just pop in one of Logic PRO's vacuum sealed capsules and you're good to go.

If you’re looking for simplicity and convenience, check out our ORIGINAL and Logic CURV e-cigarettes.

Check out our newest device, Logic LQD, an open tank device with variable voltage control. Logic LQD e-liquids come in a wide variety of UK made flavours with a specially designed bottle for precise delivery, and spillage prevention.

Unsure which device is for you? Check out the about section for each device to find out more about each of our products.

Our products


Logic LQD is our first open tank system with variable voltage control and a range of flavours.

Quality UK made e-liquid with a specially designed nozzle for precision delivery, ensuring no spilled e-liquid. A range of great flavours, including: Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Berry Mint, Vanilla and Strawberry.

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Combining simplicity and convenience in a stainless steel finish, the Logic PRO features a new vapouriser tank system of pre-filled capsules with integrated e-liquid heating coil.

With Logic PRO, there's no need to empty your e-liquid capsule to switch flavour or change nicotine levels.

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Experience the Logic CURV. Swiss made e-liquid that's ready to vape, instantly.

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ORIGINAL merges classic design with modern simplicity.

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Any questions?

Where can I buy Logic?

You can buy Logic products from this website, or at a range of supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations across the country. Remember, Logic operates a strict 18+ policy when selling its products online and strongly supports retailers to do the same in store. Continue Reading

What’s the Logic vapour made up of?

Logic produce a vapour made up of propylene glycol, water, flavourings and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Continue Reading

Where can I vape?

In the UK many companies, employers and owners of public venues have adopted their own vaping rules which may either restrict or prevent vaping. As such, you should check if any rules apply to you and also consider the people around you before you start vaping. Continue reading