What is Logic Pro 2?

Logic PRO 2 is a new vape device that uses convenient pre-filled capsules and gives you a great tasting vape experience. The PRO 2 takes the same capsules and charger as the Logic PRO silver device, making it a simple choice to upgrade.

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Smart Capsules.
No Spill.

no spill
integrated coil

Logic PRO's pre-filled e-liquid capsules have an integrated coil, meaning that there's no mess or spilling when it's time for a refill. Just pop a capsule in your Logic PRO 2 and go. And you don't even have to wait until one capsule's finished to switch flavours - you can change as often as you like.

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What's your flavour?

Logic PRO refill capsules come in six different flavours and a range of nicotine strengths. As each capsule is self-contained, you can switch flavours as often as you like without cleaning your device or wasting e-liquid.

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soft texture
LED light
capsule window

The Logic PRO 2 vapouriser comes in matte black with a soft-touch finish, and has been designed for a more comfortable vaping experience.

Faster Charging

lasts approx. 24hrs
charges in 100 mins

How quickly can your vapouriser charge? Logic PRO 2 can fully charge in 100 minutes. Its next generation 650 mAh battery will have you on the go and vaping in no time.

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