About Logic.

We believe in simplicity.

Our range of simple, high-quality devices and e-liquids provide a great vaping experience every time.
Low maintainance

Low maintenance

Logic products don't require regular maintenance or cleaning.


Quality & reliability

All of our products are tested to meet high quality and safety standards required by European regulation.

Time saving


Vape on the go, with our simple, easy to use devices.

Full support

Full support

We provide full customer support, and our helpful team are always ready to answer your questions.

We'll help you to find the right vape.

From open tank vapes to cig-a-likes, we've got everything you need to vape the way you want. Check out our range of devices below.


The small device delivering an intense flavour experience. The pocket-sized Logic Compact uses pre-filled magnetic pods that just click into place, allowing you to switch between flavours in seconds.

Logic PRO

Combining simplicity and convenience in a sleek finish, Logic PRO uses convenient pre-filled e-liquid capsules. Swap between 8 handpicked flavours and nicotine strengths quickly and easily.

Logic LQD

Logic LQD is a simple open tank device that makes topping up easy. The quality LQD e-liquids come in a squeezy bottle with an extended nozzle, making topping up easy.

Logic CURV

Logic CURV modernises the traditional e-cigarette with a sleek design and oval shaped mouthpiece. Simply swap between two flavour refills and you're ready to vape.


Original merges classic design with modern simplicity. With a long lasting battery and easy to use e-tips, it's a quick and easy way to vape.

Learn About Vaping.

Still feeling a bit lost? We've created a simple guide to all things vaping, helping you find the right device, e-liquid and more.
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