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The Menthol and Capsule Cigarette Ban comes into effect on 20 May 2020, after which all Menthol and Capsule cigarettes will be banned from sale in both the UK and EU.

The ban also applies to hand-rolling tobacco with flavoured papers and filters if they are supplied together in the same product.

The Menthol and Capsule Cigarette Ban is the next phase of the European Tobacco Products Directive (EUTPD2) which came into effect in 2016.

The UK’s decision to leave the EU by the end of 2020 does not affect the implementation of the menthol ban.

The Menthol and Capsule Cigarette Ban does not affect vaping products or nicotine pouches.

The Menthol and Capsule Cigarette Ban is expected to impact millions of smokers in the UK alone. From 20 May 2020, customers will not be able to purchase menthol and capsule cigarettes. Retailers will have to remove them from the shelves.

If you’re a menthol smoker, finding an alternative right now will help you make the switch more easily when the time comes.

One of those alternatives is nicotine pouches; the other is electronic cigarettes (also known as vapes).

Logic offers a variety of e-cigarette products that are suitable for existing adult smokers who are looking to switch from menthol cigarettes. Our flavour range includes a selection of menthol options.

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menthol bottle

Available in Compact Standard, LQD and PRO e‑liquids.

Berry Mint

Berry mint bottle

Available in Compact Standard, LQD and PRO e‑liquids.


Peppermint capsule. Nicotine salts

Available in Compact, Intense e-liquid.

Minted Mojito

Minted mojito bottle

Available in CLOUDS

Pear Mint

Pear mint bottle

Available in LQD e-liquid.



When does the menthol ban take effect?

The menthol ban comes into force on May 20, 2020.

Are all nicotine products being banned?

Only menthol and capsule cigarettes are affected by the ban. A wide selection of alternative products will still be available after May 20, 2020, including vaping products and nicotine pouches.

Will menthol cigarettes be available for purchase after the ban?

On May 20, 2020, all shops and stores carrying menthol cigarettes will have to remove them from the shelves. If you’re a menthol smoker, this might tempt you to seek out menthol filters on the black market. We at Logic Vapes strongly advise against that.

Is menthol e-liquid being banned?

Menthol flavoured e-liquids are not affected by the ban.

To find out more about the Menthol and Capsule Cigarette Ban, visit our dedicated microsite.

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