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Getting started with vaping doesn't have to be complicated.

We’ve got Starter Kits available with everything you need for a great vaping experience.
There’s something for everyone – find the vape that’s right for you.

Logic Compact Starter Kit.
From £10.00
No Spill
Quickly charged
Light and small
Time saving
With its modern design, pre-filled e-liquid pods that just click in, and its one-click magnetic charging, Logic Compact is the perfect vape for when you're on-the-go. The Logic Compact Starter Kit allows you to choose from 6 metallic colours, and a variety of flavours in a range of nicotine strengths.
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Logic PRO Starter Kit.
From £14.99
No Spill
Quickly charged
Logic PRO is a simple vape pen which uses pre-filled e-liquid capsules allowing you to switch between flavours with no mess or stress. Starter Kits begin at £14.99 and are available in two options. The Classic Starter Kit contains a PRO device and one pack of e-liquid capsules in a flavour of your choice. The Variety Kit contains a PRO device and 4 packs of e-liquid capsules in Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry and Berry Mint flavour.
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Logic LQD Starter Kit.
Easy to refill
Voltage control
European made e-liquids
If you'd rather go for a refillable vape, Logic LQD is as easy as it gets. LQD e-liquids are available in 10 handpicked flavours and come in a squeezy bottle with an extended nozzle, which makes topping up quick and easy.
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Low Maintenance
Logic products don’t require regular maintenance or cleaning. Our newest device, the Logic Compact, uses pre-filled e-liquid pods that just click into place and you're ready to vape. It's that simple.
Full Support
The Logic Customer Contact team are on hand to answer your questions and listen to your feedback. Or you can get in touch via our facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts.
We know how busy life can get so we don’t want you wasting time dealing with complicated devices. Logic is time-saving. Our products are designed to help you vape on the go in the middle of a busy day. You can also buy Logic in most leading supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores across the UK.
Quality Standards
All of our the products are tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards required by European regulation and are backed by a large team of researchers, developers and testers.