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Your Logic CURV may become slightly warm during charging and normal usage, due to its heating process.

DO NOT use your Logic CURV if it becomes unusually hot to the touch and please contact our customer service team on 0800 1123401.

DO NOT use Logic CURV e-tips if the anti-tamper seal on the box appears to have been broken.

1. Gently pull the e-liquid tip from the CURV device.

2. Click a new e-liquid tip into the device.

All Logic batteries last up to 300 charge cycles (approximately 12 months) before they need replacing.

Logic CURV batteries last up to 5 hours before they need recharging.

Logic CURV devices should not be used while they are charging.

When charging, the indicator light on the USB charger will be red, and will turn green once it’s charged.

Attach your Logic CURV device onto the top of the USB charger, then plug into any computer port.

Tobacco and Menthol.

Once you have purchased your Logic CURV and your Logic CURV e-liquid tips, follow these steps to get started.

It is not possible to use Logic CURV e-tips with other brands of e-cigarettes. Logic CURV e-tips are designed exclusively for use with Logic CURV.

DO NOT refill Logic CURV e-liquid tips.

Always keep your Logic CURV device dry. To clean, wipe the metallic parts with a soft dry cloth before vaping.

Logic CURV is a simple e-cigarette with an oval mouthpiece and easy to use e-liquid refills.