Logic LQD | Starter Kit



Logic LQD | Starter Kit

1 x Logic LQD   +£0.00

- 1 Logic LQD e-liquid bottle (10ml).

- Extended nozzle for easy refill.

- Range of flavours and nicotine strengths.

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Includes: 1 Logic LQD device, USB charger and 1 LQD E-Liquid Bottle (10ml).

About Logic LQD

  • Easy to use, refillable tank.
  • Variable voltage control to customise your experience.
  • Micro USB rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Uses e-liquid bottles with extended nozzle for precision delivery.

Logic LQD is a refillable vape combining smart technology with an easy-to-use refillable tank that can be topped up quickly.

Logic LQD has variable voltage options to let you customise your experience with a high (4.2v) and low (3.6v) setting, and comes with a long-lasting battery and micro USB charger which charges your device in around 2 hours. The atomiser is easy to replace and has a vertical coil.

Logic LQD e-liquids

  • E-liquids made in the Europe to high quality and safety standards.
  • The squeezy bottle design and extended nozzle help you refill without spilling any e-liquid.
  • 50% VG, 50% PG

Flavours and nicotine strengths available

  • Tobacco Flavour (6mg |12mg |18mg)
  • Menthol Flavour (6mg |12mg |18mg)
  • Cherry Flavour (6mg |12mg |18mg)
  • Berry Mint Flavour (6mg | 12mg |18mg)
  • Strawberry Flavour (6mg |12mg |18mg)
  • Vanilla Cream Flavour (18mg)
  • NEW Pear Mint (6mg | 12mg)
  • NEW Forest Fruits (6mg | 12mg)
  • NEW Blueberry (6mg | 12mg)
  • NEW Chai Latte (6mg | 12mg)