Logic Original Multipack | 100 Tips


Logic Original Multipack | 100 Tips

Logic Original

You want to know where your e-cig comes from and what you’re vaping. That’s why we only use e-liquid made in Europe. It’s made to the highest standards using only quality ingredients, including pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

Logic Original x5 E-tips Menthol 18mg
  • 1 pack of tips (each pack contains 5 tips).
  • Available in Tobacco or Menthol.
  • Range of flavours and nicotine strengths.
Logic Original x5 E-tips Tobacco 18mg
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100 Logic Original tips | 20 packs (each pack contains 5 tips)

  • Logic Original tips contain high quality e-liquids made in Europe.
  • They are made using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, European sourced ingredients and food-grade flavourings.
  • Available in Tobacco or Menthol flavours.