E-cigs and vaping devices.

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Logic Compact uses pre-filled magnetic pods that just click into place.
Available in 6 colours:

Logic PRO

Logic PRO is a convenient vape pen that uses pre-filled capsules with an integrated coil.
Available in 3 colours:

Logic LQD

LQD is a refillable vape with an easy-to-use refillable tank, that can be topped up quickly and easily.

Logic CURV

Our refined cig-a-like for instant use. The oval device recharges quickly and is designed to sit comfortably in your hand.


Our easy-to-use, rechargeable cig-a-like is simple to use and comes in tobacco and menthol flavours.

E-liquids, refills, pods & tips.

Quality e-liquids in a range of flavours and nicotine strengths.
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Find your favourite flavour from our range of quality e-liquids. You can choose a device and try any flavour from the Logic range.
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Tobacco with hints of coffee and caramel.
Fresh peppermint flavour.
Cherry with hints of almond.
Berry Mint
A blend of fruits with a fresh peppermint flavour.
A rich strawberry flavour.
Creamy vanilla with a hint of cocoa.
Without the seeds.
A fruity blueberry flavour.
Pear Mint
Pear infused with mint.
Chai Latte
Spiced cream with hints of cinnamon and apple.
Forest Fruits
A berry blend.
Coconut Crush
A creamy coconut, vanilla blend.
Cherry Sling
A blend of cherry, apple and strawberry.
Maple Pecan
Maple syrup flavour with hints of pecan.
Minted Mojito
Fresh mint flavour with hints of summer berries.


Chargers and replacement LQD atomisers to keep your devices in tip-top shape.
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