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Logic Pro uses pre-filled e-liquid capsules, is powered by a fast-charging Lithium-ion battery and has one button operation.

This is a ‘capsule vape device’, so there’s no refilling the tank, which can cause mess and unwanted e-liquid spills. With the visible level indicator window you will always know how far from finishing a capsule you are. And as each one is fully sealed, you can change capsules whenever you want, even mid-way through.

To use Logic Pro you will need the vape device, which comes with a USB charger and user manual, plus our pre-filled capsules available to purchase separately in packs of three.

HOW TO guide

New to ‘capsule vape device’? Watch our videos to see how the three-part Logic Pro vape system works. They shows you how to assemble the vapouriser, how to change capsules and how to recharge.

How to get started

How to get started

Changing capsules, recharging and getting vaping is simple, quick and efficient. Find out how in our step by step demonstration.

How to change a capsule

How to change a capsule

Capsules are pre-filled to prevent spills. Unscrew your Logic Pro device, slot in your capsule and screw back together. No spills, no mess and no tricky refilling.

How to charge my Logic PRO

How to charge my Logic PRO

Unscrew the battery from the device to disconnect, screw the battery into the charger and plug into a USB charging socket, such as your computer. The on/off button flashes to indicate charging started and completed, whilst the USB charger unit light changes from red to green when fully charged. A charge takes3 hours when connected to USB port.

No Spill.

The Logic Pro is designed to be a no spills ‘capsule vape device’. Each Logic Pro device comes with its own integrated Lithium-ion battery, a USB charger and user manuel. Capsules are available separately in packs of three and each capsule has an integrated heating coil, so there is never any need to replace the coil on the vape device.

Our range of pre-filled capsules are available in six flavours and varying nicotine strengths.

Swap flavours when you want, change strength at any time - and all with no spills.

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