Logic Vapes' Products & E Liquid Ingridients are Tested for Safety & Quality by numerous External Global Laboratories.

Quality Tested

We know our products, their ingredients and emissions

Only High Quality Ingridients such as Food-grade flavouring & Pharmaceutical-grade Nicotine are used for Logic Vapes' E Liquid.

We use food-grade flavouring and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerol (VG) in our e-liquids. It may sound complicated, but really it’s quite simple. We use these ingredients to ensure a quality vaping experience.

All Logic Vapes' E Liquids are tested by both Internal & External Laboratories to ensure the best vaping experience.

As part of our product development process, we put our e-liquids through extensive testing (both internally and externally) to ensure that our flavours always meet your expectations.

All Logic Vapes' Vape Devices are made from High Quality Food-contact grade materials.

For those materials used in our devices, cartridges, capsules and bottles which come into contact with e-liquid, vapor and your mouth, we use food-contact grade materials.

All Logic Vapes' Vape Devices & E Liquids are comply with the Highest International Quality Standards.

Our products comply with relevant international regulatory standards and the compliance testing is performed by external accredited global laboratories. Refer to footnote below (next page) to view the list of relevant international regulatory standards.

Logic Vapes' Products are tested in compliance with Strict Quality Control Standards.

Our products undergo strict quality control checks.

Logic Vapes' Products & E Liquid undergo Toxicological & Quality Control Tests.

As part of our ongoing product development process, all our e-liquids and vapor undergo toxicological reviews / assessments.

Our products are tested for electrical safety

All Logic Vapes' Vape Devices & Accessories pass Safety & Functional Tests.

We conduct safety and functional checks to ensure that our devices and their accessories work as intended.

Logic Vapes' Batteries pass different tests for Battery Charging Safety.

We apply charging control that helps to ensure safety during the charging of battery.