Which vape should I buy?

There are a number of vape devices available, so it’s easy to find the right one to suit you.

Pod and capsules devices: These devices vary in shape and size, but all of them use pre-filled e-liquid pods or capsules, allowing you to swap between flavours quickly and easily.

Open tank devices: These devices allow you to top up the tank with a variety of e-liquids. They require regular cleaning and replacement of the coil but are popular with experienced vapers due to the range of e-liquids you can use with them.

Cig-a-likes: These devices are similar in appearance to cigarettes and use pre-filled e-liquid tips. They tend to be cheaper than other vape devices and are simple to use, which makes them popular with those new to vaping.

Mod devices: These devices are popular with experienced vapers who enjoy customising their vaping experience. The voltage control can be adjusted to vary the amount of vapour produced, the overall flavour of the e-liquid, and the intensity of the vape.